2 el 80 M YAGI

80 m 2el shortened yagi

2 el yagi For 80 m  band

 DSC 1084



The Yagi is home made. Element are shortened with coil and

capasitance hat. Total element length is about 26 m.




Coils are turned over the fiber class tube with 2 mm Cu wire.

Coils are coated by shrink tube. Capasitance hats are assembled just end

point of the coil.


Element tip is 6 m long fiber glass rod, inside of the rod is 2 mm aluminum mig 

welding wire.


Element support ropes are Aramid rope, light and proof! 

Here is used 4 mm Aramid rope 




Middle support (old)



Tuning box! It's made possible work whole band 3,5 to 3,8 MHz. 

Both elements needs own box.





Inside of the box is coils and relays. At the driver element box 

including "hair-pin" match coil for impedance matching 20 ohms to 50 ohms! 



The tuning box replacing at 40 meter. Niko 5-year looking around neighborhood.





New version of the antenna. 2015.




Element span support has been improved.





Brave climber Esa OH8KTN going icy pole